The hosting services that are made available to customers with the aid of connected servers that remain connected through a real time communication network is known as cloud hosting. It is opposed to the concept of using a single server for making hosting services available to clients. This is a new age hosting service that is brought for people so that they can experience better technology and find more resources. This is also a long lasting support and the result is always better as multiple connected servers are used that form a cloud.

Using cloud hosting can be great because there is the advantage of increased accessibility, reliability and cost saving advantages. The reason why the cost goes down is customers are freed from investing in on-premises servers and they just have to pay for the resources that they are consuming. It is true that a lot of benefits are associated with cloud hosting but then there are also drawbacks such as the security is less compared to dedicated servers. Also, the user does not get full access and control over the control panel. But, the benefit remains that the service can be accessed from anywhere with all the latest features and at a much reduced cost.

The cloud’s promise to deliver flexible, reliable, scalable and cost-effective computing solutions is really resourceful and customers can use them to receive the highest grade of hosting services. The best advantages that this service provider brings to its users are:

Flexibility options: Users can easily adjust the usage of resources during times of peaks. That means only the required resources can be utilized when the demand is the greatest. This implies that only the much needed resources can be used by users and this result in control of pricing.

Fast deployment: It is easy because being a cluster it is possible to quickly have your server up and running in a short time.

Control Panel: The control panel that cloud hosting possesses is easy to use and it is widely available in the market.

Pricing flexibility: When servers are kept off, there is no need to make any payments. Also, the pricing is based on the usage of resources. Again, it is possible to pay by hour, or based on monthly or yearly subscription.

Fast local network: It is known to offer fast local network for all customers across all continents. There is also a local jurisdiction offered to people so that they can access the service without facing any problem.

Email and phone support: For all customers around the globe, cloud hosting provides the best customer support options such as email and phone support.

The management of cloud servers in this kind of hosting is very much superior and they are backed-up to fulfill the user’s requirements. It offers 24 hrs monitoring, troubleshooting, disaster recovery, cloud migration, upgrades, customer configuration and similar services.

The operating system of the server helps in load balancing, automatic scaling, and makes use of a redundant data center so that your website keeps running. It is perfect for standard PHP and MySQL and so the service remains outstanding. It is made available at a very reasonable price and so the service pack remains luring to all users.


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