Reseller Hosting

In reseller hosting, the host company allots a space on its server that can be used for reselling purposes. The reseller is given the opportunity to purchase the host’s services on wholesale basis and then resell space along with bandwidth to its customers. The server space that is resold is sold at a higher rate so as to bring profit to the reseller. In this way, the reseller starts to earn from the space that it purchases. In most cases, the reseller is given the permission to sell a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth to the customer after buying the space from the wholesaler.

The services of reseller hosting is stupendously beneficial due to the unlimited c Panel accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, 99.9% uptime and 24×7 hour dedicated support. This service is launched mostly with a 30 day money back guarantee for just in-case if anything goes wrong or if the customer feels dissatisfied. The service is powered by the latest hardware and software that make the entire process reliable.

WHMCS support is also made available for client management, billing and support solutions. This is another reason why the reseller hosting is so trusted in the hosting industry. Again, innumerable websites can be created with this hosting service and the customers are given their own control panel that enables them to create and modify new websites. It also gives them full control over email addresses, sub-domains, passwords and other related things without requiring anyone else’s assistance. The plans offered for this hosting service are also attractive and customers have the freedom to select from the various services made available by the reseller company. Very good hosting services can be found under the reseller plan and they aid customers to build their own websites locally.

Linux Hosting

As the name goes, it is a hosting service on a server that uses Linux operating system for its functioning. It offers all the benefits that Linux is capable of. The Linux operating system gives users complete control and simultaneously makes scripts and programs readily available. So, the user experiences a bee line of goodies that includes MySQl database, PHP, Perl, Python and so on. Users are also given unlimited access to emails, dynamic IP, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited domains, sub-domains and so on.

It offers a rigid security structure and stability while the WHM panel allows users to keep control and manage the various aspects of Linux hosting. So, users can easily customize the service and make use of only those software and services that are really required. It is also made SSL & Dedicated IP capable and so a matchless experience is felt by the user. Besides, the Linux platform is also kept safe from viral attacks as anti-virus software is installed to combat any viral threats. It is possible to run any kind of website on this operating system and the bandwidth remains impressive that allows users to transfer data files at a high speed. The memory support offered by this system is also impressive and it allows storing of large files, data and images.


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