In order to develop an efficient website it is very necessary to select the right web hosting company. Website owners usually make a lot of mistakes while making a choice regarding a web host. It would certainly be a very exasperating experience if your website is not always online, has slow loading time, and lacks efficient technical support. Have a glimpse at the under mentioned common mistakes in order to avoid any kind of future inconvenience.

The first thing that you need to know, is regarding the technology which is being supported. If your site has been developed in PHP then choosing a web host which does not support PHP or MYSQL would prove to be disastrous for your site.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that, if you are a newbie in the world of online business then you would not receive massive traffic initially, in that case choosing shared web hosting would anytime be a better option, but as the traffic starts growing, you need to shuffle to dedicated hosting.

Most of the web hosting companies promotes the benefit of providing unlimited space and bandwidth. Avoid choosing such companies which make such tall claims as they make such promotion keeping in mind the limited requirement of bandwidth and space for most of the websites. The actual problem arises when all of a sudden there arises a need to increase the disk space and bandwidth and the server might get overloaded.

Choose web hosting companies that not just offer great technical support but also 24/7 support. Check the response time before selecting a web host by sending an e-mail or by calling them. If you do not receive an immediate response or one within 24 hrs then look out for another web hosting company.

Select a company which offers 99% server up-time, so that your website remains online and be available to the public. Your server should be able to load your site within few seconds; else visitors would leave your site. So, check your sites loading time once you have uploaded your file to the server.

A web hosting company which offers a money back guarantee could be considered a reliable one. You can think of moving to another web host in case there is no such guarantee offered.

If you avoid the aforementioned mistakes while selecting a company then you would encounter lesser problems in the future.


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