The discussion is endless – cloud hosting vs. dedicated server hosting. While cloud hosting has been touted as the future of hosting services and the potentially sole solution to all the web storage needs, dedicated server hosting is still very widely in use and its importance in the current scenario cannot be overlooked. Here is an unbiased and a detailed comparison of both in order to help you choose the right hosting solution for your website(s).

Cloud Hosting

The storage is provided on virtualized systems on actual, physical servers. The virtualization environment is created using cutting-edge technology and equipment, and a number of high-speed data centers. This means a single server is capable of producing a number of virtual servers, and therefore maximum storage benefits can be availed from minimum hardware requirements. The servers can be spatially separated, and in different cities or countries altogether but come together to create a perfectly united virtual environment that provides storage without any glitches.

Pricing: The best thing about cloud hosting is that it is provided as a service, and not as a product. You can compare it to electricity, or gas, where you only pay for how much you use. There is, of course, a minimum rental for the same. This is a very fair and justifiable way to avail your hosting service and it also keeps you in control of the total usage.

Performance: The speed and performance of both the types of hosting services is more or less the same, but cloud hosting avoids the occasional “breakdowns” that dedicated hosting suffers due to the implementation of system files and applications.

Dedicated Server Hosting

In this type of hosting, a web server is created by a qualified professional specifically for an individual hosting account, where the business can host its own website or web application. The hosting server and space is not shared by any other client, so all the resources are exclusively for a single client. It is a secure and reliable way to host your website or application.

Pricing: Purchasing a dedicated server is not cheap. However, the benefits that it brings along with it are well worth the money. Since the hosting server and the space that it offers is not share by anyone else, the client can be rest assured about the quality of service and the security of the server. There are fixed monthly or yearly rentals to pay for this, and the price differs amongst different service providers and different countries.

Performance: The performance of dedicated hosting is superb and very high speed. There are occasional down times when certain scripts are being run, but apart from that it is flawless.

The winner in cloud hosting vs. dedicated server hosting should now be decided solely by you, depending upon your needs. What is your priority – cost effectiveness or assured security and reliability?


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