Linux web hosting is a type of web hosting where the host uses Linux based operating system for its servers. This type of web hosting is considered to be cheap (since Linux OS is free of cost) and flexible (as it is an open source). The other most used hosting is Windows Hosting.

Linux is more popular since it offers a high quality hosting at a cheaper price. Most of the websites are hosted by Linux due to this reason. One may think that since the Windows Web Hosting costs much more than Linux and is highly protected, it might be better than the latter, but, with the more stable services, Linux steals the show. Windows hosting, however, works better for those who need applications by windows which work only on windows operating system.

Linux hosting works on a LAMP structure: they use Linux operating system, Apache server software, MySQL database and PHP scripting. The open source based structure helps in faster loading for the websites.

A large number of Linux based hosting plans are available depending on your budget. From the cheapest basic shared services to the dedicated hosting with multiple databases. They also score more points on the security front than any other hosting service since more people are working on it and thus the security issues are found easily and tackled faster.

Many people might have the doubt that it might not work for them since it does not support Microsoft applications but here is a remedy- Linux supports many of the Microsoft inspired applications which have most likely been developed to go along with the Linux OS. Also, it offers more processes at a time which lets one get more from the server.

When comparing between Windows and Linux based hosting systems, they both offer good services but the choice should be made according to the technologies needed and if except a case where you need specific Microsoft technologies, the cheaper and more reliable way to go for it would be Linux.


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