Cloud hosting is a modern technology of hosting that is provided through virtual servers. These virtual servers derive all their resources from a large network of physical servers. Cloud hosting can be considered a service, rather than a product, in that you use how much your requirement is and only pay for how much you really use.

It is an extensively used hosting platform along with shared servers and dedicated hosting. It is largely based on the concept of clustered hosting, where a website can be hosted on multiple servers. The only difference in it is that the network of servers used for it is much more extensive and the resources can be derived from different locations. Although the websites are hosted on virtual servers that derive their resources from the same repository as other publicly available virtual servers and use the same network to transmit their data from one side to another, cloud hosting is also available in private clouds as well. This option is suitable for businesses looking for more secure and better performing servers. Here are the top 5 benefits that it offers your business:


This type of hosting is comparatively more reliable than the other forms. The reason for this is that it pulls its resources from a wide network of physical servers. So even if a server goes down, the cloud continues to draw resources from the other available resources. This, however, is not possible in other types of hosting that rely solely on one physical server. Sometimes, when a complete data center goes down, the hosting might still be able to continue quite well since the network is distributed in different physical locations as well.

Flexible and Scalable

Sometimes, a website might need an increased server space due to increased traffic. Cloud hosting puts no restraints to such sudden demands. Therefore, extra resources, or even lesser resources, can be used all the time as per the demand of the client.


The physical servers from which the cloud is derived is well-protected and safeguarded against intrusion, unauthorized access, or virus, spam, and malware attacks. There is security to prevent illegal access to the data centre.


The costing model of this type of hosting is much better than the other types. The clients pay only for how much they really, and nothing more. Neither do the clients pay unnecessarily for any unwanted data space provided nor are they denied extra resources when they need it. They are charged fairly and squarely.


The hosting decides beforehand when more resources are needed to handle greater chunks of traffic on the website, or when the resources need to be cut down to prevent  wastage when they are not being used enough. This allows for a very intelligent, proactive and fair usage of the resources.


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