Running an online business is not a piece of cake. From designing a website to promoting products or services through various marketing strategies, there are numerous tasks that need to be taken care of. Use of a dedicated web hosting server is one among these tasks. Online businesses can be much more efficient and productive with the help of fast and reliable web hosting servers. These servers help manage massive traffic on the websites of these businesses. Due to this reason, many companies, especially those whose websites are flooded with visitors, have upgraded to dedicated servers to meet their requirements.

As it is clear from the term itself, a dedicated server can be used only by a single entity. A business owner can use this server to host one or more websites for making his/her products and services available to potential clients and customers. Using dedicated servers is thus is an excellent way for businesses to maintain a good online presence. The following points will explain the role of dedicated server hosting in running an online business successfully:

Greater Speed

Dedicated servers allow websites to work faster and thus improves user experience. Visitors can browse quickly through the pages of these websites. This is a great advantage especially for those websites which involve financial transactions.

Ensuring Complete Control and Greater Flexibility

When your website shares a hosting server with many other sites, you have limited control on the traffic on server-side. Moreover, other features of the server are not accessible. However, dedicated servers offer more flexibility and allow you to have complete control on various aspects such as the scripts run by your website, and the hardware, operating system and applications that your website uses. This is because it provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You can also create and manage server security on your own.

Protection from Cyber Attacks

Compared to shared hosting servers, dedicated servers are less likely to be attacked by hackers. This is because they do not share IP address or hardware with any other user who may be targeted by a hacker. There is a unique IP address for a dedicated server, that does not get blacklisted no matter what actions are performed by other users.


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